Kelli Gardner Marshall Real Estate Fraud?

Have you, or someone you know, been the victim of real estate fraud by Samir “Judah” Khalaf or Kelli Gardner Marshall?

Over the course of more than ten years (since at least 2008) Kelli Gardner Marshall’s father, Samir “Judah” Khalaf solicited investors in a Jordanian land development deal.

Upon his unexpected passing in January 2022, an independent investigation determined personal statements, written investment documentation, and use of investor proceeds for the Jordanian land development turned out to be materially false.

Immediately after Samir’s passing and with knowledge of investor claims to the Jordanian land, Kelli Gardner Marshall (of Aspen, Colorado and Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA), along with Samir “Judah” Khalaf’s two sisters, quickly liquidated the land in a foreign transaction, without the knowledge of the majority investors, and failed to disperse a portion of the sales proceeds to any other participants.

If you were, or know someone who was, an investor please contact us.