Kelli Gardner Marshall is a real estate agent licensed in State of Colorado, and may hold, or have held, a second license to practice real estate in California. Kelli’s Instagram profile lists her as member of the Palladium Real Estate team in Aspen, CO, and as a broker associate, is with Slifer Smith & Framtpon.

Professionally, she dropped her maiden name sometime after being married, and currently uses “Kelli Marshall”, as featured on Official documents from the Jordanian land sale, however, list her name as “Kelly”.

Investors report Samir “Judah” Khalaf frequently referred to Kelli as a co-participant when soliciting the Jordanian investment.  Samir had offices in Germany, sharing a “consultancy” with a partner named “Fritz”.  Despite his fulltime residency in Ohio, Samir frequently referenced “homes” in Santa Barbara and West Palm Beach.

Samir had extensive business dealings in Belize and publicly claimed that the former Belizean Prime Minister Said Musa (1998–2008) to be his “cousin”. Samir “Judah” Khalaf also publicly portrayed himself as a personal representative of the Jordanian Royal Family and its government, although confirmation of Samir’s registration as a foreign agent with the US State Department has not yet been confirmed.

While his real name was Samir Mahmoud Ali Khalaf, investors, friends, general business associates, and casual acquaintances, knew him from his distinctive “palm tree”-themed business card as Samir “Judah” Khalaf. Samir’s two sisters, American’s Abla Mahmoud Khalaf and Molly Zaid Fahoum, reside in Ohio according to Jordanian land records. At this time, no other aliases for either Kelli Gardner Marshall or Samir “Judah” Khalaf are known to the investors in the Jordanian land development project.

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